ALVO Mobile Hospital provides a turn-key solution for mobile hospital facilities in solid and climate-controlled units. As an autonomous installation, it provides a compact environment that will be equivalent to a hospital in case of emergency or disaster. Fast-track hospital facilities are quickly set-up to provide fast relief to the community. Multiple modular units can be assembled with corridors and act as a cohesive unit.

A great challenge in designing healthcare facilities in the COVID-19 epidemic time is shifting from creating brick and mortar buildings that take time to build and will last for decades, to designing patient-centric, disaster-ready, and highly adaptive spaces that learn and change in real-time for continuous needs and performance.

An eco-friendly approach worth considering: invest in a container-based hospital facility and then, when no longer needed, after total contamination, you can re-design the space for any other needs (eg. Laboratory, office, hotel, bar).

1. Operating room
2. Intensive care unit (ICU)
3. Sterilization
4. Preparation rooms
5. Connection tent
6. Emergency room

7. Reception/Triage
8. Sanitary
9. Pharmacy
10. Laboratory
11. Nurses station
12. Patient wards

13. Laundry
14. Power supply
15. Fresh water and waste water unit
16. Storage
17. Logistic containers

The modules can be also used as:

  • radiology suite
  • mortuary
  • station for medical gases distribution
  • kitchen unit

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