The mobile hospital modules can be quickly set up, both for routine surgical services and as an emergency healthcare facility. The modules provide high quality and safe working environment for the medical staff, as in a regular healthcare facility, in a very short time. The mobile hospital modules do not need a specially hardened ground. Each module can be installed in one day.


The module has an internal electrical system powered from an external source 380V / 50Hz. Depending on the purpose and needs module can be equipped with:

  • ventilation and air-conditioning system with heating option
  • generator that provides independence from external power supply
  • UPS backup systems in case of power supply failure
  • medical gases installation
  • plumbing system uses the external connections or water and wastewater tank
  • filtroventilation system and fuel operated heaters
  • dynamic drying system
  • installation of compressed air and vacuum.


ALVO Mobile Hospital systems can be equipped with medical equipment necessary for providing optimal medical care.


Modules can be transported by road, sea and air freight as a standard 20-foot containers. Modules are equipped with container corners and fork lift pockets which makes loading and unloading secure and available by standard lifts. Modules can be also equipped with lifting systems which enable self-loading and unloading of container and automatic leveling of module after setting up.