About ALVO

Creating better healing conditions for everybody everywhere in the world is deeply rooted in the mission of ALVO. Each and every product manufactured by ALVO reflects these values focusing on reaching better clinical outcomes. Mobile hospitals can be designed by combining inflatable tents with carrying modules. Thanks to their modular design they can be assembled in different configurations, meeting the medical and the local needs.

ALVO Medical offers its customers a complete modular solution for operating rooms and health care facilities: modular walls and ceiling systems, specialist OR doors, operating tables, patient transfer systems, surgical lights, scrub sinks, medical furniture, modular cabinets, surgical retractors, OR integration systems.

ALVO Mobile Hospital manufactures and delivers mobile hospital systems according to universal medical criteria for use especially in the regions in which infrastructure development has not been completed yet (disease control, international cooperation programs, health campaigns) and in case of emergency, such as:

  • natural disasters
  • wars
  • terrorist attacks


This video shows an earthquake test, simulated with a seismic intensity of op to 9.0. Test was done in Japan. The OR walls were provided by ALVO Medical. Columns and surgical lights by Dräger. All tested products can be delivered with a certificate of seismic safety.